Frequently asked questions


We are an integrated medical care center focused on meeting the patients' needs to the maximum extent possible, by providing outpatient medical services for multiple specialties, with consultations, diagnostic tests and low-complexity procedures, by using medical protocols based on scientific evidences and relying on highly experienced staff.

DaVita Serviços Médicos offers more than 25 medical specialties, as well as some diagnostic tests, walking-in centers and minor surgical procedures.

They are initially located in: São Paulo Capital, Osasco, Guarulhos, and Taboão da Serra.

You can fix an appointment through our portal or by contacting our booking center. Phone Numbers: (11) 3003-8482 (São Paulo and Greater São Paulo) / (0800) 741-1017 (Other Capital Cities and Metropolitan Regions).

When doing your research on our website, prices will be visible next to the times available for consultation. Payment can be made in cash or by debit or credit card.

Try to redo your research by altering some of the data in the filter, e.g. by looking for another doctor or other centers. To guarantee more results in your search, please try to select the “all” option under the doctors and centers filter, if you do not have any specific preferences for either. If you need to fix an appointment with a specific doctor, please try to book your appointment for another day and time.

You need to bring a valid ID card, with your photo, and your health insurance card. In the case of exams, a medical request is also necessary. For private consultations and exams, the health insurance card is not required.

If you cannot attend your appointment, we kindly ask you to cancel it beforehand and then reschedule a more convenient day and time.

In our portal, once you have logged in, you can edit and update your data under “Your personal information” on the sidebar.

Yes, all users must register again when using the scheduling tool for the first time.

You can arrive at your appointment no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled time. If you fail to arrive within this timeframe, we kindly ask you to reschedule your appointment.