Our story

Our story

DaVita is a US-based company and a leading provider of kidney care in the US, delivering dialysis services to patients with chronic kidney failure, with more than 3,000 hemodialysis clinics. Over the years the company has diversified its activities and provides integrated medical services for other medical specialties. 

It was established in the late 1990s, exclusively offering kidney care services, when the former Total Renal Care company nominated Kent Thiry as its CEO.A long with several leaders, Thiry implemented a very solid culture in the company, which centered on its mission and values. Part of this implementation was the name change, which was voted by over 600 leaders, resulting in the name DaVita, which means “giving life”. 

Other very important concepts were also created, such as the “bridge” concept, where each colleague crosses the bridge as a way to demonstrate their commitment to making DaVita a special place. Calling the company "Village" and employees "teammates" is also part of the so-called "The DaVita Way," which encompasses all of these elements, and which governs how the company works, how teammates relate, and how we take care of our patients. We are a community first and a company second. 

In 2017, DaVita Serviços Médicos, a company focused on coordinated and patient-centered treatment, was created to offer services in various specialties, diagnostic exams and outpatient procedures. Integrated services in one place to meet all the needs of our patients.

Currently, DaVita Serviços Médicos has 15 centers in Greater São Paulo, and we endeavor to be present throughout the health journey of our patients, in an innovative and integrated way. Get to know our model.