Minor procedures

Some minor low-complexity procedures are carried out at our units. These services can be done as outpatients – meaning not in the surgical center – in suitable, sterilized rooms, to provide patients with the safety and security they require.

At the moment, our team is qualified to carry out gynecological procedures, like fitting Intrauterine devices (coils), dermatological procedures, like removing moles and warts and ear-nose-and-throat procedures, like removing cerumen, as well as removing polyps found in mucous.

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IUD (Coil) Fitted.

A method of contraception in the shape of a T, the coil prevents pregnancy when fitted to the inside of the uterus. It can be made of copper, which, because of the high concentration of this metal, creates a toxic environment for sperm, or hormonal, which thickens the mucous in the region, making it difficult for the sperm to pass through. Deciding which option is best must be discussed with your gynecologist. Both of them, however, are fitted in the same way. In the doctor’s surgery, where, using a speculum, the gynecologist inserts the IUD applicator into the vaginal canal, placing the gadget deep inside the uterus. To prevent any discomfort a light sedative can be given or a painkiller taken beforehand. Book now! Contact our DaVita Call Center now: 3003-8482.

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This is for closing up or removing lesions, either by electrocautery –which is an apparatus that sends an electric current straight onto the therapeutic target - or by means of corrosive substances, like trichloroacetic acid. In the gynecological region, electrocauterization is used for treating damage caused by the human papillomavirus – HPV – and for combatting abnormal cells. The procedure lasts just a few minutes and requires local anesthetic in the cervix. Chemical cauterization eliminates actinic keratosis, which is a precursor of skin cancer, seborrheic keratosis, viral warts and regions that are bleeding after a lesion or after a trauma in the skin or mucous. Application is painless, only causing a slight stinging and a change in the color of the wound. A few days later, the region darkens because of the death of local cells, and the scab formed later becomes detached – a sign that the treatment has been a success. Book now! Contact our DaVita Call Center: 3003-8482.

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Removal of Cerumen

The function of cerumen is to protect the inner ear from various things, ranging from being a barrier against water getting in to preventing foreign bodies from entering. When too much of it collects in the inner ears, it causes hearing problems and needs to be removed. This procedure does not require any sedation and is carried out by the ear-nose-and-throat specialist by irrigating the ear with saline liquid, or by direct mechanical removal using suitable instruments. Each case requires a certain method, depending on the restrictions of each patient Book now! Contact our DaVita Call Center: 3003-8482.

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Removal of Moles and Warts

Moles can be removed whenever the patient wants to, for esthetic reasons, or when the dermatologist notices some kind of warning sign, following the ABCDE rule: A for asymmetry, B for irregular borders, C for different colors, D for diameter greater than 5 mm, E for evolution – or rather, rapid change in its appearance. Viral warts, however, result from action by the human papillomavirus, HPV, and can spread around the body if there is contact with non-affected parts. They can also be spread to other people who do not have them. Our team of dermatologists is qualified to remove moles and warts by traditional surgical excision under local anesthetic, or by other techniques, like cryotherapy-using substances that freeze the region -, laser and scraping treatments, etc. Book now! Contact our DaVita Call Center: 3003-8482.

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