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DaVita Logo

DaVita is a global company present in 12 countries. Headquartered in the USA, the company is a leading provider of care to patients with severe kidney disease, with more than 3 thousand hemodialysis centers. Over the years, it has diversified its activities and also provides integrated medical services aimed at multiple specialties.

In Brazil, its work is focused on providing patients with full health care, in an innovative integrated way, offering services for multiple medical specialties. It is a model that seeks to improve medical care for patients and reduce waste in this industry through a distinguished sustainable solution.

DaVita Serviços Médicos (Medical Services)

The proposal of DaVita Serviços Médicos is unique! Our commitment is to you, hand in hand throughout your health journey. Our facilities offer consultations for more than 25 specialties, diagnostic tests and outpatient procedures. Integrated services in a single place to meet your needs.

DaVita Tratamento Renal (Kidney Care)

DaVita Tratamento Renal started its operations in August 2015 and annually promotes integrated treatment and care to more than 4,200 patients in 7 Brazilian states.

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